Why Customer Complaints are Occuring? How to Control it?

  • Everyone wants to hear only good news, not a bad one specifically, if it is a customer complaint. We have put together a collection of the most common sources of customer complaints and how to fix the customer complaints which helps you to create a better shopping experience for your customers before they have the chance to get disappointed.

    Complaints can be the useful tool for exploring where your business needs to be improved, but it’s much better to be able to get the insight without upsetting a customer at the same time.

  • Why Does Customer Make Complaints?

    Customer will make complaints when they feel unhappy about the product they purchased through your online store. That doesn’t mean that customers only complaint when they can’t do anything. Disappointment occurs any time the results of an action do not match the expectation when you do something and it doesn’t turn out how you thought it would.

    These frustrating moments can occur at any point of time while your customer’s shopping experience. Possibly disappointed scenarios are everywhere. You need to forecast and remove these opportunities for disappointment, so that your customers can discover, purchase and enjoy your products without hitting any roadblocks.

    Common Disappointment for Customers

    Complaints are of different forms, there are few key things that can leave your customer dissatisfied if they aren’t handled properly. If you manage those things like critical issues, your business will start getting fewer complaints and customers will be happy.

    Keeping your customer is happy is all about managing expectations. Most of the customer complaints are happened by disconnect between expectation and reality, so you need be able to more accurately align your customer’s expectations with likely outcomes.

    Shipping & Inventory Issues

    If you have already got the question about shipping, then you definitely understand the importance of being able to deliver your products safely on time. Your customer will put lot of trust in you to get their products at the right time and if they feel disappointed about when their package is going to show up, the complaints will come more.

    To keep your customer in the loop, offer order tracking whenever they want to view. If the customers can keep tracking of their products they will have clear ideas that when they receive their product and you will be able to reduce the potential for complaints based on shipping delays.

    For SHOPIEASY online store, gives the customer the tracking option to track their orders as easy as drop the tracking number and click the track order button they can view order status page.

    Inaccurate Product Photos & Descriptions

    These are the worst thing in online shopping that placing an order, waiting for 5-7 business days to get it, and then realizing it doesn’t fit properly. When a product does not look good or fit the way that your customers imagined that they would, it’s easy to understand their disappointment.

    Every e-commerce business needs to do its best to give a clear and truth understanding of what its products will actually be like in real time, so that will know exactly what they are ordering. Writing product description with important details should be accurate about your product and give your customers a reasonable idea of what they should expect when placing order.

    Website Responsiveness & Usability

    Keeping your website clean, organized and easy to navigate is just as important as having a neat and tidy shop. To stop annoying your customers, you need to put a mobile responsive website at the heart of your e-commerce strategy. Most of the mobile users will navigate away from a website if it takes too long to respond if they are looking for the particular product in your online store.

    However, if you own a SHOPIEASY online store, you will be good to go since our SHOPIEASY theme is already a mobile responsive. Load times in particular take a toll on your customer’s patience. If your online store has a physical location, you should also think about how easy it is for your customers to find your contact details.

    Create a Better Shopping Experience

    Customer complaints are not necessarily a bad thing, but a satisfied customer is much better than disappointed one. Now you can understand why your customer complaints, it’s time to give them a best shopping experience possible. Our SHOPIEASY is the largest online shopping center, lowest price shop, online shopping center in India, online shopping store in USA & UK, largest online shopping store.

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