Introduction To Shopieasy

Shopieasy online store is where the world goes to shop online, sell & give in-case you are buying new, plain or gorgeous, familiar or rare, trendy or one of a kind if it exists in the entire world. It is probably for sale on Shopieasy. Our mission is to be world famous destination for creating great value & exclusive selection. If you are planning to setup an online store you can go with Shopieasy as your ecommerce platforms where you can sell your products through online.

Our Features

Shopieasy offers you with many tools which help you to create online store and run your business. Depending on Shopieasy you can find everything you need to showcase your products online, to process payments and make your ecommerce portal work easily and effectively.

Shopieasy Provides

  • Free and paid themes from the Shopieasy theme store which make your online store a great look. Free and paid apps from the Shopieasy Apps store which makes our client to use anywhere in the world.
  • Shopieasy blog makes your online store running progress and connecting with your customers.
  • A dedicated support team are available on 24/7 to make answer to your queries.

Account Managing

Shopieasy online store manages your account by updating billing address, credit card number, upgrade your Shopieasy plan and store type. Shopieasy provides you with clear charges and fees on invoice to make payment.

Migration To Shopieasy

If you are using any ecommerce website for your business you can easily migrate into Shopieasy ecommerce software where your product will be showcase and sell. Our Shopieasy ecommerce software is a simple, effective and easy to access.

Shopieasy Community

Shopieasy is growing a self-supporting external community of vendors who enjoy sharing their skills and experience. Many vendors provide their feedback about Shopieasy on community.

Sell On Different Ways

Online Store

The most popular way to build your business using Shopieasy online store, It is the place where your product will be displayed, connect with your customers and accept payments with a secure checkout.

Online Selling

You can use Shopieasy to reach your customer through your ecommerce website. All sales channels connect with the core of your business, so you can easily keep track of your products, orders and clients across different platforms from your Shopieasy ecommerce software.

Menus And Links

Our Shopieasy ecommerce website designing helps you to navigate easily by using menus and links. Each menu contains links which visitors can click or tap to explore your ecommerce website. All Shopieasy online stores have default main menu and footer menus that appear on the every page of the website.

Sell In Person

Selling in Person with Shopieasy

You can pair the Shopieasy POS with the retail hardware to sell in person and accept different payment types. Shopieasy POS syncs with your online shop admin to keep track of orders and inventory across retail locations, and other sales channels.

Shopieasy Retail Package

Shopieasy retail package lets you build your own online store business in some great way. Connect with additional retail hardware, track your cash float, summarize daily register totals and save online shopping carts during checkout for later retrieve.

Location Settings & Payments

If your Shopieasy POS sales channel enabled, you will see a locations page in your ecommerce site. The locations page contains the name and address of each of your online store. From your locations page, you can setup online store primary location. From the payments setting page you can enable and disable payment gateways, payment methods and gift cards.

Using Shopieasy


Every item which you sell on Shopieasy online store is a product. You can sell any kind of product like physical product, digital downloads and services.


All the product images are displayed on your storefront and let your customer see how your product looks like.


You can group your products together into categories known as collection. The product will be grouped like clothes for men, women and children or computer accessories or furniture’s etc.

Shopieasy Themes

Our Shopieasy online store theme controls all aspects of your online store appearance and layout. You can manage your themes from the themes page.

Selecting A Theme

Shopieasy offers many different themes to select from within the Shopieasy theme store. You can select what theme you want to use in your online store by browsing the available theme in theme store.

Publishing Theme

If you have downloaded or purchased a new Shopieasy theme, you may need to publish it for your customer to see the changes. You can publish or unpublished themes from the theme page.

Payment Setting

You can accept a variety of payment methods on your Shopieasy online store. You can manage them all from your payments setting screen.


PayPal is one of the Shopieasy's default payment gateways. As you open an online store, you are setup with PayPal Express checkout with email you used to sign-up for your ecommerce website.