Ecommerce Development in Chennai

Shopieasy makes it easy to manage all of your products

SHOPIEASY Ecommerce Website With Facebook shop helps to showcases and sells your product uses on social media like Facebook.Customers can easily browse your products and collections using the Online Store Setup section on Facebook.

Build Your Own Online Store facebook shop is designed for the mobile users to view exactly as like desktops and laptops. Products will be added in just a click using SHOPIEASY.COM.

Facebook announced its testing ways to make it easier for the users to Shop Online on the social media’s. With this feature, people using Facebook on desktop or smartphones can easily purchase a product without leaving their Facebook page.

It helps to save time, stay organized, customize your collections, onsite checkout, save & share enabled product listings and easy to Setup Online Store. Using SHOPIEASY Facebook shop the vendors will increase the sales of the Online Shopping business. SHOPIEASY makes it easy to manage all of your products across multiple sales channels like Facebook.

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