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Yeah sure, you can divide the payments into different partition methods like EMI payments...

No, you can create your account and use SHOPIEASY online store for just 14 days trial pack without a credit card details. At the end of your trail pack you can enter your card details...

Yeah sure you may have SHOPIEASY online store in multiple stores. Then you can add multiple areas/cities/countries in your store’s admin. You will not be paid any extra price for having more than one store running using SHOPIEASY Online store...

The SHOPIEASY Online store is usable worldwide. They have just two major differences

You should purchase supported hardware through an external retailer.

You should accepted credit cards without SHOPIEASY Card reader/ SHOPIEASY payments

In which countries and currencies are usable with SHOPIEASY?

SHOPIEASY works in list of countries and Currencies. Given Below is the list of payment gateways in which SHOPIEASY currently does



United States of America

New Zealand

United Kingdom


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