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Categorize your products to sell, I have a plan to sell my products as set of gift.

For Example

If I have three products x, y, z and I want to sell that one as gift set-1 for 20$.

But I want to trace inventory for all the three products like x, y, z as well also I don’t need to sell it as an individual products.

Don’t know exactly how to be done with SHOPIEASY and know how to change display image when the user clicks on product x.

Hi, Plunket !

You can create one product as gift set-1 and combine the product x, y, z in it. Then using SHOPIEASY you can able to track the inventory of each product individually.

For the images, when you are grouping the product as single product you should add all three products images in the SHOPIEASY website. Then you would be having one main image combining all three products and different images for the separate item.Believe that it helps you.

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