Our Shopieasy provides ecommerce websites with 24 hours help all year around and allows you to receive assistance regarding any technical issues or question based on the product. The 24/7 support gives access to the clients in the ecommerce website where you can report a problem and a support will be created.

Our Shopieasy support engineer will contact you as soon as possible, depending on your indicated severity level. Shopieasy online store asks our customers to rate their experience after every interaction with our support team. Our Shopieasy 24/7 support is that include round-the-clock services or nonstop services.

24/7 support is that there should be someone who has to answer your emails or calls at any time. Shopieasy 24/7 support is an on-call engineer where the employee will answer to the queries asked by the customers if they have any clarifications based on the products they bought.

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Yes, when you create your own online store using Shopieasy, we create it for free, Shopieasy hosted domain name for you. A custom domain name will strengthen your unique brand and enhance your profile.

Yes, when you offer a gift card for sale, your client can purchase it the same way that they purchase any other product from your online store.

Yes, you can add drop-down menus to your ecommerce website by creating a new menu and make the new menu visible on your online shop.

No, Shopieasy does not provide email hosting. If you buy a domain name from Shopieasy, you can setup online store unlimited number of forwarding email addresses for free.

Yes, you can use Facebook, Twitter links into your ecommerce website which makes more customers to access. When they are in online, people spend more time using social media than anything else.

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